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More than 2,000 species of mites exist, so it's no surprise that the insects come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. But there is no mite quite like the red velvet mite. Because of their unique color and consistency, red velvet mites instantly catch the eyes of humans and animals alike. The mites are also called rain bugs because of their tendency to appear after a rainy day or evening.

The Blood Lily or African Blood Lily is part of the Scadoxus multiflorus, formerly known as the Haemanthus multiflorus genus, a group of perennial bulbous plants which number about sixty.

The term “Haemanthus” means blood flower in botanical books. The Blood Lily, or the Haemanthus albiflos of the evergreen variety, characterized by a broad, colorful foliage shaped like a tongue and large, egg-shaped bulbs.

Don’t let the fearsome name fool you. The flower of a Blood Lily can either come in white or in a variety of red, grows in clusters and appears to have small, flat heads that resemble a tiny paintbrush.